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So I was talking with my friend Evan, the guy for whom I am doing the musketeer shirt design. He was mulling over other shirt ideas, and we were discussing interesting ways of designing more than the image. That being said, he really inspired me to get down and do my own shirt design.

I stole the image that I worked so hard on in the christening of ichLOVEthys. To say I stole it is to say that it wasn't really mine in the first place, in full honesty I only took the initial concept and inspiration and ran with it, really really far. Thus, the image is mine to utilize how I will.

Right after work that evening I bought some acrylic ink from Binders and used the remaining balance from my Associate of the Quarter gift card from HomeGoods to buy a few shirts-one from TJMaxx and two from Marshalls.

On the way back to the apartment I stopped at Publix to purchase some amazingly awesome Sweet Leaf Green Tea with Mint & Honey. It's a must have in any sort of inspirational endeavor.

The remainder of the night, from about 8 in the evening to 1 in the morning- with one stop to eat din with my roomie and view an episode of the Mary Tyler Moore show via Hulu- I worked on the composition and application.

And the result is a truly creepy image of my holding the final product!...more or less.

Here the shirt is being modeled by a very attractive man. I realize that it is probably stepping over some boundaries talking about a man like this, but what can I say, when I see an attractive man I can't hold it back.

Come to find out that I need to find a way to set the ink in the shirt before I wear it. Let me say this without too much laughter... I sweat, I know, crazy right!? anyway, apparently my sweat caused the ink in the arm pit region to bleed into the adjacent shirt area.

I guess that experimenting means that you sometimes make mistakes, even when the overall project turns out great.