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Trogdor, Robot Unicorn, Dolphin...

I was so so pleased to get this commission. It started out with just a man riding a dolphin. As it progressed it became so outrageous and so amazing that it has been one of the best experiences I have ever had. Before this commission I had actually never heard of trogdor. This creature was a fantastic creature of a brilliant mind. Robot Unicorn Go!! Again, this is something about which I knew nothing and now I'm in love.

Among the joy was a plethora of knowledge and new experiences. Now that you have read through my story of this painting enjoy the beautiful painting.



Robot Soul...Finished

Here, it is finally finished. Well, in fact, it was finished a while back (I still need to apply the finishing varnish).Painting with oils is turning out to be a joy, though the pains of oils are evident. There is just so much that goes with it!! Turp, mediums, poison! Anyway, it has its advantages, such as ease of blending and color mixing. The final product turned out to be a fantastic vision come to life.

For information on prints visit my facebook page The grisaille can be found here.



Robot Soul...

What is a soul? Who has a soul? What in a life is a reflection of the soul? Another question, could a robot have a soul?

If Artificial Intelligence brings about self-aware robots, then do those robots have souls? If a robot can begin to contemplate her own life and the life of those around her, then what does that mean for man?

Above is the grisaille of a 'self-aware-praying-robot.' The acrylic 16"x20" painting is on hard-wood.

It will be finished with glazes of oil colors.

I began with a base coat acrylic mixture of red, blue, and yellow, then filled in the values with ivory black.

Below are the references...