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The Parts of a Men's Fashion Illustration

Here is a visual insight into the process of one of the men's fashion illustrations. Not everything is revealed, but study the images and you will get the gist of it all goes down. Let me know what you think. This men's fashion illustration is a part of the Illustration Weekly Series and was featuring the Milan's Men Fashion Week at the beginning of 2013.

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London Collections Men, 2013… Book Page Fashion Illustrations

London Collections: Men is done and the fashion world has moved on to the next thing (being, Pitti and Milan). Beautiful things have happened with the collections this year and I can't wait to throw my spin on them. In two weeks I will be launching the London Collections Men 2013 Fashion Illustrations at

I will be focusing on five designers from the collection and identifying some of the main items in the collections that stood out to me. Matthew Miller

E. Tautz


The two sets of images previewed here are from the Matthew Miller Collection and the E. Tautz Collection.

Stay posted for more info about this series.