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A Visual Commentary...

I sat down in church today, not in a seat but, on the floor. There was an obtuse corner that begged for my attention. The light shining from the tall window was directly on my lap, in a fashion that yearned for creation. Ruth and I have been creating a booklet throughout this quarter, and I hadn't constructed a page all week. Last week I did my page while running slides for the service, and it seemed fitting for me to create again this day.

I sat on the floor in the wide corner and set my things all around me. The worship music began, and my worship painting followed. My worship this morning was more of a confession, a pouring out of my heart to God.

Below is my attempt at concept...tell me what you think.
























Here we have the visual and the editorial. Yes! I do believe that I am a fan of this work after all. John Hendrix, SooJin Buzelli, and Chris Buzelli were special guests at the Atlanta campus of Savannah College of Art and Design, and they all did their part in inspiring me.

Chris said that 'Concept is King,' which is a phrase that is now covering my sketch-book. They sunk in because I am somewhat of a literal thinker. I draw what I see and hear. Little for me is conceptual.

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Me as You

image Paintings I did for church!

It's to serve as a reminder about community. Christianity, this whole Jesus thing, is not about me and my beliefs. It's more along the lines of a people who are living and learning together what it means to love God, and love people.

And it's about the whole city, not just that building in which you gather.

It's about the city, the people living in it and making it. It's about the homeless man sitting next to you at the bus stop, and the snooty rich man driving his fancy car as he passes you on the wrong side of the road, and that girl that you like, and the neighbor two doors down, and the coworker who couldn't imagine working without, and the 'friend' you would rather not be around, and the boss you may or may not like, and finding Jesus in every one of them.