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The Coolest Cat in Atlanta

Atlanta has been quite the experience for me. This is where I fell in love with men's fashion and began pursuing men's fashion's illustrative avenue. It began with the suggestive word of a friend (Mike McLaughlin- commencefailure) and a gift card from HomeGoods. Street Style had already taken root in popular culture and I was yet unaware of it. Polos that draped my body like a Roman Toga and Khakis that barely stayed resting upon my hips were the height of my fashionable endeavors. With my gift-card and passion in tow I purchased some Khaki Chinos and a casual Calvin Klein, blue-tartan, button up shirt. I knew it! I knew that this would make me the hippest kid in town. The coolest cat in Atlanta. Catlanta didn't know what was heading its way… or not. This first attempt at fashion glory was pale in the light of folks found across the entire internet spectrum, foolish perhaps. Lucky for me my laptop had been stolen my first night in Atlanta and I hadn't yet gathered the funds to enter the world of the informed- whether that be about fashion or about the world as a whole. Nevermind my failures in the beginning, the first step was still glorious even if it was only for me.

It would still be another two years before that me became this me. Before the chino wearing, bright-eyed passion began thinking of illustrating fashion. Before the act of illustrating was truly a pursuit. That first step was brilliant and beautiful.

big polo

To purchase this 3x5" index card watercolor illustration click here.


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New Pants...

I bought these jeans from the Ross on the same strip mall as my Homegoods the other day, and I was absolutely in love with them-ignore shoe color. They are Calvin Klein blue frost jeans, which really has little meaning to me, but they were just awesome. The break in the pant seemed adequate to me, not too little or too much. But here's the problem, as can be seen in the second image, the top of the pants were low. In the image, where the bottom of the shirt sits is essentially where the top of the pant rose.

If I had the urge to tuck in my shirt it would look goofily low, and if I decided that I should raise my pants, then the break in the pant would have disappeared and major flooding would have happened.

I debated whether to keep them and deal with my insecurity, or to return them.

The final decision came with some advice from my roomie Andrew. He mentioned that if I felt comfortable and liked them then I should keep them. He told me that they looked fine, which is an opinion I was holding myself, but I just didn't feel right in those pants.

So I did what needed to be done, and I returned those pants...I feel that I made the right decision. Thank you Michael M. for your insight on fashion and your suggestions on fashion blogs and such. It helped in my decision to make the right decision.

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