Sundays are the best days. Often they are filled with good friends, eating, and coffee!  

Sundays are brunch days. Yes, you can eat brunch any day, but on Sundays, especially in the south there is a culture that is surrounded by  weekend brunch…and I love it.

This Sunday a group of us went to Radial Café for an afternoon brunch. Put any thoughts of brunch being defined by time. It is an experience  of friendship and the breaking of bread with those friends, and for me it is all centered around that delicious, ceramic mugged, bitter, bold, caffeinated fluid. Gouda Scramble was the piece de resistance- ordered by 4 out of the 7 members of the group. This day I chose the Salmon Scramble and do believe that I have found a new favorite.


This Sunday also happened to be the first chilly day of the cold season. I arrived in a t-shirt and soon needed to dapper up to eat in cozy comfort. Click the middle image to see the way brunch dandy dresses.