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Daily Fashion 246

Designs, fabrics, colors, and styles I wear are all sincere expressions of my personal taste...

Submitted by Doris Hobbs
instagram @richinlovefashion
twitter @doris_hobbs

Excellence in fashion requires both boldness and truth. With that said, I believe in exposing myself in sometimes risqué ways by embracing and experimenting with styles that have the potential of fulfilling my personal aesthetic. I sometimes paint my nails red and will, at times, wear above-the-knee skirts and stiletto heels, to raise my 5’11″ frame to even greater heights, as well as display simple, yet elegant necklaces and pendants to draw attention to my long neck.

My personal fashion style is a blend of sophisticated and casual motifs. My ideal ensemble is one that promotes a classic, feminine profile and silhouette which I play off with fabrics, textures, and accessories that are as practical and wearable as they are beautiful. My attitude towards myself and my wardrobe is a melding sense of style, with a practical, unpretentious philosophy – which seem to both embody and reflect my fashion sensibilities.

Daily Fashion Illustration, Doris Hobbs

From childhood, it seems that I’ve been drawn to women of the 1950s, like Rita Hayworth, Ginger Rogers, Lucille Ball, and Judy Garland, because like me, they each had red hair, and present themselves to their adoring public with ageless and breathtaking sophistication together with an air of casual grace. At their best, they seemed to wear their fabulous looks with studied indifference, as though they were aware of the effect that their charms were having, but were concerned about other things of the moment.

I am not perfectly beautiful, but like every woman, some attributes are excellent. I strive to create an air of elegance by choosing clothing and accessories that enhance my long legs, slender form, fair complexion, and an Audrey Hepburn-like attractiveness which completes my patrician appearance. Achieving greatness in personal fashion does not come easy; there are real dangers involved: the goal when entering a room is to create appreciative smiles and not mocking grins. The distinction between bold and gaudy can sometimes be narrow; sensual can be perilously close to slutty; chic can be close to showy; exotic can become erotic. Failures obviously happen even on the red carpet at the Oscars. But that’s what makes fashion so compelling to me. Bold wouldn’t be exciting if not for the danger. When I get it perfectly right, however – which I feel I often do – the result can be the greatest thing in the world!

Years from now, ingénues, fashion mavens, and fashionistas might perceive my image and be inspired by a timeless and sophisticated style that they can see beneath any particular garment or accessory that may belong to the current era. I have learned that you must follow your heart and allow your fashion choices to express your personality. My love for the products I wear and display, create strength and excitement. “Appreciation is a wonderful thing,” Voltaire said. “It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” That has become a powerful truth for me. I’ve forced myself to look in the mirror and expose to the world the truth of who I really am, and what I am doing. I intend to portray my sense of style to express my inner person. The designs, fabrics, colors, and styles I wear are all sincere expressions of my personal taste.



Daily Fashion 245

‘Clothing Had Ceased To Be Just Clothing…’

Story submitted by Paloma Paultre
instagram @picassosdaughter

‘At a certain point in my life, clothing had ceased to be just clothing. And the process of getting dressed in the morning became similar to the process of a painter with a brush. To me, fashion is art. And the art of dressing is one of the most beautiful forms of self expression on the face of this earth.’

Daily Fashion Illustration Paloma Paultre