'I've used these studies to understand how these techniques together...'

Submitted by
instagram user @chucknorrisisgod

'My love for fashion can be traced back to my childhood, when I was completely fascinated with my plaid Polo Blazer. I would wear this blazer every where, whether it be to dinner, brush my teeth or just to admire myself in the mirror. Since those faithful days, life has consumed almost every hour of my life.

Daily Fashion Illustration, Yannick Lopez

I have been studying styling and garment making for years, getting an in depth knowledge of different designers, stylist, collections, patterns, fabrics. I've used these studies to understand how these techniques together, affect the menswear aesthetic. My independent studies have lead me to the social media industry, as I use the power of internet to expose brands to masses.

The irony of this is that although I love pop culture and social media, I have always been a quiet and reserved individual, so when it comes to my own accounts I reveal very little about my personal life. This is why my submission omits my identity, so that the garments and styling stay at the forefront, rather than myself.'