'I decided to step up & change my style to something more presentable...'

Submitted by Wilfrid Griffin III
instagram @handsomestyle

'I became interested in men's fashion when I first attended college at Grambling State University. I've come a long way from big shirts & baggy jeans. Let's say I reinvented myself. I gained a wider outlook on life from going to one environment to another. Going to college was the best thing for me.

Growing up in a poverty area of New Orleans, it was rare seeing guys in suits & ties. I always was around the rough & tough guys that wore hats & jerseys. My first experience of changing my style of dressing is when I attended a frat party where the dress code was enforced with no t-shirts or sneakers. Therefore, I decided to step up & change my style to something more presentable. Starting at the beginners stage, I reached out for help from friends & classmates that already knew more about fashion & better knowledge of looking dapper for formal events.

My first try was not that bad, I received a few compliments to say I was just learning, I wore a white long sleeve button up from Walmart, a friends Calvin Klein tie, straight leg Levi pants, and Stacy Adams dress shoes. It came out pretty ok. As of today I'm more experienced and now I help others to coordinate outfits for different functions & events.'