People Call Me The 'Socks Guy'

Daily Fashion Illustration 140. Friday, March 14. 2014

Style submitted by Thomas Yolain. -instagram @magicgramm
'Confidence and Diversity reflect me, so I incorporate that in whatever I do. Back in college comrades of mine used to get mad at the fact that I always bailed out whenever we all planned to dress up. I started building a wardrobe the summer before my senior yearr of college. I'm a Finance guy and menswear is very important. From then on I started falling more and more in love with menswear.

According to my fiancée my style is modern, dapper, and preppy. People also call me the 'socks guy'. Monday through Friday you'll catch me wearing suits, ties and socks. You'll always see me with a fresh and flashy pair of socks week round. Details play an important role. It was something that speaks in my personal style. It could be any essentials that I wear but the socks will reflect the color of my tie or pocket square in my suit.

Self confidence, details and fit have always been important in my style. My dad always tell me, "That first impression is important and your personality can be judged by the way you dress."'

daily fashion 140 Thomas Yolain

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