My Background Is Actually In The Medical Sciences

Daily Fashion Illustration 142. Tuesday, March 18. 2014

Style submitted by Thierry Augustin. -instagram @genteelflair, -site
'My style is versatile. I've built my wardrobe on a tight budget, slowly applying pieces that can be paired in multiple ways to give me the most cost per wear while still maintaining my preferred aesthetic. I like layers and texture. I look for items that coordinate through color and contrast. And, once in a while, I'll add something fun. Truly 'genteel flair'.

I enjoy simple accents and quality construction. I love brands with heritage. This coat is a great find from Crombie. It's elegant, functional, and (most importantly) warm. It is quintessentially 'Genteel Flair'. My interest in fashion is very recent but also completely natural.

My background is actually in the medical sciences and in spite of my interest, it wasn't the right fit. I started blogging a little over a year ago and in that time I've really immersed myself in the culture: learning the terminology, construction techniques, fabrication and styling. Writing has been a great way to meld my love for words with my burgeoning passion for clothing. I had opinions about fashion before but now I'm in the process of building expertise.

I have a few mentors (for which I'm very grateful) that help me navigate both the artistic and business-oriented facets of menswear and I'm enjoying my time on the learning curve. I've had some great opportunities to meet some very knowledgeable and creative people and I hope to increase my network and cultivate those relationships.'