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Daily Fashion 107

It Was Creative, Collaborative And Fun And I Was Surprised At How Easy It Came To Me

Daily Fashion Illustration 107. Tuesday, January 28. 2013

Style submitted by Tajinder Hayer. -instagram @tajhayer, twitter @tajhayer, facebook The Rakish Gent
'I started The Rakish Gent late last Summer to fulfill a long time passion for men's fashion. Working full time as a lawyer, I found my own site to be the perfect outlet for a lifetime hobby. The law is a career which involves a great deal of reading and client contact, concerned with profit and deadlines. I found fashion to be completely different. It was creative, collaborative and fun and I was surprised at how easy it came to me. 

The catalyst was me trying to express myself and to offer something a little unique. The site features trends and fashion movements but it is inherently my own style - a mix of high fashion and high street, smart and formal with great attention to detail. 

Since I launched the site, I have become involved in fashion writing in a big way and have contributed to numerous online and print publications as a menswear fashion writer. It is incredibly rewarding to be able to enjoy a hobby in such a way as attending the London Collections Mens shows in January as an affiliate blogger of the London Fashion Council, and being allowed access to designers and others that work within the industry. 

I am very lucky to have had such support from the fashion industry and to have been able to work with great people, including a group of illustrators that contribute art to the site, styled by me. I am incredibly proud of the success of the site in the small time that it has been live and hope to be able to pursue writing in a more permanent way in the future. My name is Tajinder and I am the man behind The Rakish Gent a menswear fashion and lifestyle blog, affiliated with luxury retailer Mr Porter and brands Topman and Asos. The blog has had over 21,000 views in just over 4 months and features street style photography, new brands, commentary on what to read, where to go, as well as fantastic fashion illustration.'

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