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Daily Fashion 170

People And The Grand Ideologies Of Their Times Are Exemplified Through Fashion

Daily Fashion Illustration 170. Wednesday, April 30. 2014

Style submitted by Lawrence Jackson.
'Through my journey to become a history professor, I've gained a great appreciation for fashion of the past. Through research, I've been able to bring the essence of vintage fashion to life. History for me, was most understood when the fashion reflects ideas. Historically, almost every important aspect of a person can be determined by their attire of choice. People and the grand ideologies of their times are exemplified through fashion. From the age of revolution (60/70s) to the Consensus Era when wearing the Two button suit became most popular.

Fashion always represents the "Temperature of the Times"; This is of paramount importance NOW more than any other era in history. Self-Expression: The generation of today desperately wants to awaken the idea of "fashion being the vanguard for self expression". This generation struggles to find its mark in history, therefore we find comfort in "thrifting", or vintage bargain shopping because it creates that CONNECTION between past & present; a connection that is essential to understanding your place in history.'

Daily Fashion Illustration 170, Lawrence Jackson