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Daily Fashion 179

He Started Believing And Changed Every Single Thing That Bothered Him

Daily Fashion Illustration 179. Friday, May 9. 2014

Story submitted by Juan Jose Rangel. -instagram @juancherangel

'Once there was a very sad fat kid crying every night to sleep, feeling sorry not only for his poor self image but also because he felt he was sinning for being attracted to other boys. He lacked confidence and only hoped for a miracle to happen to make him be what he wanted to be.

One day he decided he was tired of having a life he didn't want. He started believing and changed every single thing that bothered him. He found joy in exercising and revealed to his family his orientation. After he lost all the weight he noticed people found him attractive. He discovered that if he loved himself people would love him too.

All his life he secretly had a vision of himself as a fashionista, he knew that it was the right moment now with all his confidence to do what he always wanted to do…
This is me now.'

Daily Fashion Illustration 179, Juan Jose Rangel