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Daily Fashion 111

My Style Is An Amalgamation Of All The Subcultures I Interact With

Daily Fashion Illustration 111. Monday, February 3. 2014

Style submitted by Andy Madeleine. -instagram @andy_madeleine, twitter @andy_madeleine, Tumblr ProgrammedSophistication
'My style is an amalgamation of all the subcultures I interact with. Vintage Americana, heavily influenced by the 1920's and 1950's, mixed with European menswear and a slight bit of streetwear.

This photo features 'Jogger' pants from Publish Brand, a shirt from Two Thirds, an ocean-inspired brand from San Sebastian, Spain, a vintage blazer, sneakers from Supra, and a vintage American made kerchief.

Most of my style is influenced by the people, places, and things I interact with on a daily basis. I'm always meeting new people and exposing myself to new things, so I feel my style is ever-evolving. The internet has really helped me curate my sense of style. Growing up in Michigan, fashion isn't something that's very prominent; the internet helps me stay connected and take influence from things I might not otherwise be exposed to.

I don't lean heavily on a specific genre of fashion- I take influence from as many subcultures as possible and apply that to my own person. I'm constantly learning and growing- and as I do that, the way I chose to express myself changes, too.'

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