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Daily Fashion 96

It Helps To Create Uniqueness, Even On The Most Boring Of Looks

Daily Fashion Illustration 96. Monday, January 13. 2013

Style submitted by Eddie Otero. -instagram @eddieotero
'To me the denim shirt is not your everyday wardrobe item, it is a must-have. Denims come in a wide range of shades, and types with the washed out and damaged denims taking centre stage. It helps create uniqueness, even on the most boring of looks. How to choose to wear your denim shirt can either kill or elevate your look. That's why it's important to wear accessories.

My look "Denim on Denim" is a way of rocking it. Just Ensure that your two denims are of contrasting
shades (One of them has to be dark). My Converse Chuck Taylors are also a big part of this look.'

Eddie Otero.png