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Daily Fashion 137

I Manage To Touch Down Somewhere Between Dapper And Street Style

Daily Fashion Illustration 137. Tuesday, March 11. 2014

Style submitted by Evan Zamot. -instagram @evans_room
'Style is a reflection of personality, I dress to my character. I like to be well polished, what man would choose other wise? A dapper man is someone who focuses on preservation of appearance and character. A man with no integrity is not a man at all. What is James Bond without character? Just another person with the name James, we make our mark when we know how to express who we are and demand that other people acknowledge our presence.

My oldest cousin, Damasi Mc Pherson inspired me about fashion. As a kid he would pick me up in his all black 1981 Corvette, always with a suit and tie and on "down days" or barber shop days he called it a v-neck with fitted sweats would be the morning get up. Him being in his twenties while I was 8 definitely shed light on what type of man I wanted to grow into. So from my sneaker stage of Jordan's to my polo prep phase I manage to touch down somewhere between dapper and street style with an easy landing'

Evan Zamot.png