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Daily Fashion 65

Be Confident, Be You!

Daily Fashion Illustration 65. Thursday, November 21. 2013

Style submitted by Paul Anthony. -instagram user @bespokeunit
'Style is the story of ones self. It allows you to say it all without saying a word.
Be confident, be you!

Saying it all without saying a word really enters my daily activities by being aware of where I am going to be and who I am going to be with. For instance if I a meeting with an old law firm in NYC I shall be more conservative with a charcoal suit, but make sure the details are really on point but neutral, for the first meeting. Then for the second meeting I may have a three piece navy chalk stripe, letting them know I know the "rules" but am also a creative that can take there business to the next level (my day job is business development for a digital marketing agency). 

Where as a day out with my girlfriend, I will have much more fun with my color palette and fabric textures. I am a big visualizer, and love to imagine myself looking at myself from the third person, most day-to-day stuff can be mundane, but shift lenses and you can be the center of your own "dramatic" story...chasing that deadline, big deal, or leading lady. A huge romantic, in thought and the old "proper" ways of etiquette and dressing. Be the person you want to become, and be a man of substance not facade.

I'm all about fit (always favoring a little short or tight, fitted is far more flattering than wearing a nondescript sack!) and details. Following the "tag line" your body is a blank canvas each morning, and your clothes can paint you into your daily landscape that are the activities one engages in.

Be you, be confident, be aware of the activities you will engage in, and be sure to have fun with it!'

daily fashion 64 bespoke unit