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Daily Fashion 176

In A Place Where Everyone Could See And Hopefully Draw Inspiration

Daily Fashion Illustration 176. Tuesday, May 6. 2014

Story submitted by Rochelle Johnson. -instagram @iambeauticurve
'I launched my plus size style blog, in January 2013 after much encouragement from strangers, friends and a growing Instagram audience. So many people tell me, “I saw that but I didn’t know what to wear with it”, or ” I would have never thought to shop there”.

I wanted to journal my fashion adventures in a place where everyone could see and hopefully draw inspiration. As a plus size girl, I have grown to be very comfortable with my size and actually enjoy myself as I am. I believe style has nothing to do with what size you are. Fashion is for all sizes. If you are plus-size that doesn’t mean you have to be condemned to a lifetime of oversized clothes or a wardrobe of black.'

Daily Fashion Illustration 176, Rochelle Johnson