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Daily Fashion 161

It Represents The Ebb And Flow Of The Piece

Daily Fashion Illustration 161. Tuesday, April 15. 2014

Style submitted by Van Anh Nguyen. -instagram @vananhofficial
'Fashion is an extension of me, my mood and emotions so when I pick out my dresses for piano recitals and concerts it represents the ebb and flow of the piece. The pleats, folds, layering, stitching and color choice are extravagant, classy yet with punch and sensuality. The dress was made on the spot whilst doing the photoshoot for the front cover of my most recent album. The designer (Andrzej Pytel) brought down 40 metres of silk and started wrapping, folding, stitching, rouching and bunching with effects from where the wind blew until it became what it was.'

Daily Fashion Illustration 161, Van Anh Nguyen