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Daily Fashion 92

I Found My Sense Of Style In  A Thrift Store

Daily Fashion Illustration 92. Tuesday, January 7. 2013

Style submitted by Marc of Andre de la Mode. -instagram @andredelamode
'I found my sense of style in a Thrift store a few years back. That's when everything really came together for me. I was amazed at the great items of clothing some people donate, unique pieces of clothing for so little money. I started building a "new wardrobe" and let my creativity run free. At that moment I fell in love with menswear and now, all my favourite items in my wardrobe are thrifted.

I like to consider my style a hybrid between street and dapper, vintage and new. I personally don't like wearing suits and ties on the weekends, so you might catch me in vans and a 5 panel, but Monday comes around, its a whole different ball game. It's all about the fit, whether you're in street wear or a suit - as long as you're wearing the right fit for your body type  and wear it with confidence, you'll look dapper and feel great.'


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