I Felt My Evolution When I Received My First Pair Of Loafers

Daily Fashion Illustration 183. Thursday, May 15. 2014

Story submitted by Robert Ward. -instagram @stykool
'My style comes from a modern classic place. Where detail, patterns and threads come together to make timeless pieces of my everyday. My style is a vision of who I want to be and how I want to be perceived.

The day I recognized that fashion was a valuable part of my life was at a young age. I always had a unique outlook on fabrics, style, and patterns. While growing up I used to go with the trends of whatever was in. From baggy pants to huge white t-shirts. However, on my quest to express my originality in fashion I came to realize that following the current fads was not me at all.  I wanted a more polished and distinguished look.  I began to wear button down shirts and tailored pants.

I felt my evolution when I received my first pair of loafers. They were a maroon pair of Cole Haan loafers. The shoes were a mahogany cherry oak and when I put them on it felt like I was moon walking on air. I further immersed myself in to fashion by studying various styles and never missing an opportunity to dress up. That was the beginning of me following my own trend.  

At first it was mocked and not accepted by my peers, but gradually it was embraced and followed by others. From then on I have been true to myself and the trends that I set and choose to follow. I consider my style as that of a classic gentleman; timeless, elegant, and confident.  The style of a man that a lady sees in her dreams and what young men aspire to be.  A figure of leading by example  and being your own person.  Fashion is your signature. It’s your mark on the world.'

Daily Fashion Illustration 183, Robert Ward