Beard And Tattoos Are Part Of My Style. I'm Never Without

Daily Fashion Illustration 171. Thursday, May 1. 2014

Style submitted by Riccardo Meles. -instagram @richmeles
'I am Italian. I haven't got a style, I was born with style in my veins. I completely love the double breast jacket matched with a papillon. Double Breast jacket I think is a must have for all men's wardrobes. Your outfit looks fit, elegant and unusual. Put on brogues and a pair of chinos and you get a dope style!

I joined the fashion world at 17 when I started doing some beauty competitions. I liked them so much and I started to search best models and main brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani and Gucci. I copied some of their styles starting to understand all I can know on how to dress well.

Daily Fashion Illustration 171, Rich Meles

At 19 I started to be a freelance model doing some work for a pair of photographers and some brands and shops. At age of 21 I completely changed my style, drawing inspiration from dsquared2 and Rick Owens. Now at age 23 I can say that I love fashion. I try to wear clothes in a different way, and always different from other people. I love the classic style with double breast jacket + chino trousers and brogues, but I also love the dark style like Rick Owens!

Beard and tattoos are part of my style. I'm never without.'