'I stay true to the history of Tonsorial Arts...'

Submitted by Pedro Rosario
instagram @tonsorialartist1
twitter @tonsorial1000

'I am a Tonsorial Artist (Master Barber) by profession. In an era when men are more style conscious no matter the budget, my passion for my craft fits right in to the times. Modern day Barbering is a mash-up of classic meets modern, old meets new, & that's how I would define my personal style.

I stay true to the history of Tonsorial Arts in the sense that the Barber was a respected part of the community with an impeccable appearance day in day out. I'm more of an understated Dandy because my style is subtle yet eye catching. I aspire to be the best dressed, the most charismatic, & well rounded conversationalist, all while giving the best haircut/shave of my clients life.

Style has been part of my life ever since I could remember. I grew up during the Golden Age of Hip Hop when originality, authenticity, & flair were the daily operation. As an adult I went through different phases of style but always represented these traits, while rocking classic & modern styles interchangeably. Clothes do not make the man, but image & substance go hand in hand. If you look the part you will be taken more seriously. When I walk into any room I want to stand out of the pack with a hat, vest, vintage tie clip, bow tie, shoes, bag or all of the above. If you look good, you exude confidence!

Handle your business, live with passion, be better than you where yesterday, & look damn good while you're doing it.'