A Bit Of Sartorial Elegance In An Otherwise Bland Environment

Daily Fashion Illustration 119. Thursday, February 13. 2014

Style submitted by Nizam Basiron. -instagram @nizammamasboyz
'Having a bit of sartorial elegance in an otherwise bland environment helps to brighten things up. When I first started work, I was a sloppy guy. Working for an environmental NGO in the early 90s meant there were no dress code to speak off and everyday was casual Friday.

After I changed my job to become a policy wonk I felt the need to dress better as I was working with some nattily dressed gentlemen including a world renowned political geographer who is never without a Panama hat whenever he is in Malaysia and a cartographer who always had a pocket square even then.

Over time I developed my own sense of dress which reflects my personality and approach to life and work and balances a conservative working environment with a bit of sartorial wiggle room accorded to those in research. Most days I'm a shirt and tie guy although some occasions call for a suit and that allows a bit of 'accessorizing' with handkerchiefs and cufflinks.'

Nisam Basiron.png