They Were Men Of Uncompromising Principle And Standard

Daily Fashion Illustration 144. Thursday, March 20. 2014

Style submitted by Marcus Foxx. -instagram @justfoxxisenough
'My style was developed in those moments that I stood in the bathroom with my father and grandfather as they dressed. They were men of uncompromising principle and standard. They always stressed the importance of a man's first impression. My brother and I learned the finer details of a man's appearance like others would the spiral of a football. Ties, fitted jackets, crisp shirts, socks, pocket squares, and a military shine.

My style reflects that tradition. It rejects trends in favor of tried and true staples. Detailed and creative, yet masculine. More colorful than my father, but assembled with an appreciation for class. And every now and then, a pair of sneakers with a jacket, shirt, tie just because a man has to call his own shots.'

Daily Fashion Illustration 144, Marcus Foxx