I Guess I'm A Sucker For Simplistic Minimal Colors

Daily Fashion Illustration 169. Wednesday, April 30. 2014

Style submitted by Kim Ly. -instagram @kimster_
'Hi my name is Kim Ly and I am from Los Angeles,CA. My style is embracing the androgynous look and feel that most people tend to forget about. It's not me as woman trying to portray this "man" look but it's me embracing my inner masculinity as a woman and how I can tailor the look to fit my body as woman.

I believe that every woman has an inner masculinity and every man has an inner femininity. Growing up as child and watching my grandfather piece his suits, hats and watches together fascinated me. As I told my grandfather almost everyday,

"I want to look and be like you one day grandpa!"

Daily Fashion Illustration 169, Kim Ly

This plaid tartan suit was a great way to bring in the new year. I chose blue and green because blue is representation of serenity and as for green it means happiness. Serenity + happiness = 2014. Well at least for my case that's what I want it to be. I also paired the suit with a a blue tailored shirt that had a simplistic detailing. One of the very top button was a silver metallic button. I thought it gave it a nice little spaz of brightness even though you can see it because of the tie. It made me feel the spaz. The tie I am wearing is a vintage Yves Saint Laurent tie that I bought at a second hand store in San Diego, CA (my hometown).

I guess I'm a sucker for simplistic minimal colors. It is just so easy to pair simple colors such as black, pewter, white or navy to anything and make it look more than what it is. The tie bar was from a little vintage boutique on Haight st, San Francisco, CA. I enjoyed it's rustic grunge feel because the gold is fading away and turning into a metallic like color.

As for my bottoms on my feet which made the New Years outfit is my burgundy velvet slippers. What's New Year without the catchy slippers, right? I am fan of slippers especially slippers with tassels. The slippers made me feel elegant but not in a stand offish way. I could give you one tag line that best describes who I am when I dress in a more masculine way; "I am the sartorial woman."'