I Grew Up In Los Angeles Which Is A City That Has Gone Through Many Changes

Daily Fashion Illustration 155. Monday, April 7. 2014

Style submitted by Khaled Nasr. -instagram @sartoriomerta
'I coined my style as what I call ‘Composed Flair’. There is an edge to my looks because I am a big fan of the wide lapels and strong roped shoulders but at the same time I try to stay composed and not overdone. I love to blend both the slim silhouette and cuts of 1920's style along with the flair of the 1970's. I call it classically influenced with an updated silhouette. The key is to feel good and have fun with colors and textures.

I grew up in Los Angeles which is a city that has gone through many changes with regards to fashion.  My interest in fashion came from living in Los Angeles because living there, you do not really see a lot of people dressing up for many occasions. Its a very casual city with regards to style. Growing up, I remember when my parents used to go out. Everyone always dressed up for any occasion. My parents always dressed up when going to dinner, work or even a friends house. As I grew older I began to appreciate the time and effort they
put into getting well dressed for any occasion. It showed a sense of respect and appreciation for how you portray yourself to people. 

With that, I began learning about different aspects of fashion and with a focus on the difference between what made a great tailored product as opposed to other items. I began to really appreciate the handwork and artistry of handmade products, especially with regards
to tailored suiting. The ability to take raw product and shape and form it all by a needle and thread was fascinating to me. It made me imagine how back a few hundred years ago all clothing was made this way. It's a lost art that I am excited to see some companies are bringing back such as my favorite company Sciamat.'

Daily Fashion Illustration 155, Khaled Nasr