‘My First Glimpse Into Fashion Came From My Basketball Playing Days…’

Story submitted by Justin Perez
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‘My first glimpse into fashion came from my basketball playing days when sneakers were everything – especially growing up with Jordan’s and Penny’s.  That ‘hobby’ definitely carried with me from a young age up until my college years. Midway through undergrad I started really gravitating towards tailored threads.  It may have been the maturing or living in NYC – who knows, but it was a drastic change in my life.'

Daily Fashion Illustration Justin Perez

'I was always exposed to well dressed men in my life growing up, but never really paid attention to it until I hit 20.  My pops wears a suit everyday to work and always put an emphasis on buying quality over quantity.  He really has nailed that down when I look at his closet and keeping things to a minimal.  Also, my mom has always showed me old pictures of well-dressed relatives in Italy from the 30′s, 40′s, 50′s, etc, but now I look at those pictures in a completely different way – taking it in as inspiration.

Now I have started developing my own style through trial and error.  I now am the vision behind SuaveByNature.tumblr.com and also am the Style Editor at HenryAstonBespoke.co.uk. Like many, I began to hone in on this menswear thing through the internet and soon developed a moderately successful blog from an attempt to learn and find inspiration. I have learned a lot through my fellow bloggers and the men of the menswear world, and have really begun to build my own personal style.  Whether its the Italian sprezz, or jeans and a t-shirt, I am starting to figure out what’s ‘me’, but I’m still young and still exploring. Menswear has definitely become much more then the clothes and the details, but rather the wonderful people and adventure that I have come across.’