When I Get An Opportunity To Take Off My Scrubs I Like To Dress Up

Daily Fashion Illustration 121. Monday, February 17. 2014

Style submitted by Jose Quezada. -instagram @silverfox27
'I don't get an opportunity to wear my clothes as much a I would like. I am a psychiatric and substance abuse nurse working 12 to 16 hours constantly so when I get an opportunity to take off my scrubs I like to dress up. I use my style as a way of expression with out having to verbalize it.

When I was young my father tried very hard to dress me like he did, which was very proper. Growing up in the Bronx, I ended up not caring for his style and proceeded to try to be like those around me. As I matured, I ended up finding a passion for fashion and started to experiment. I truly enjoy the fashions of the past. I should have been born in the 20′s and 30′s.

My current style is a mixture of classic and street style. I enjoy wearing it now in my life and love my current style. That being said, it’s definitely the end result of my Father’s encouragement.'

Jose Quezada.png