‘Growing Up In Harlem, I Was Introduced To Street Wear…’

Story submitted by Jashaun Roebuck
instagram @mainattraktion

‘My style has developed and changed over the years. From urban to preppy and now a mixture of both. My role as a school teacher has inspired me to show students that dressing up is perfect for any occasion. It gives an instant perception of success and achievement.

Growing up in Harlem, I was introduced to street wear at a very young age. Always checking up on the latest fashion blogs, Jordan releases and fashion icons. Harlem has always been a Mecca for fashion and I fell in love with it at an early age. Entering college I was introduced to a different world of fashion. St Johns University introduced me to a more preppy style.'

Daily Fashion Illustration Jashaun Roebuck

'Suits, ties, lapels and chinos were seen everywhere. It caught my eyes immediately because it was so different. I immediately joined the fashion club, and in 3 years I was a part of the executive board. I began to check daily fashion blogs that revolved around more than just street wear. Graduating college I have now begun teaching 9th grade history. As I dress for work everyday I get a chance to show students that the preppy style can be great too! Mixing my street wear knowledge with a more dressed approach I mix colors, layering and materials to show students just how great fashion can be on all levels.’