‘People Don’t Actually Know My Name, They Call Me November…’

Story submitted by Fatma Al Bakry
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‘I’m a fashion photographer based in Dubai. I’m always behind the camera shooting bloggers or editorial style photos. However, I am absolutely in love with simplicity & minimalistic fashion.

I LOVE monochrome and was introduced to fashion when I created my tumblr account 4 years ago. I was so inspired by all the beautiful people, and photography I saw on there that I started slowly experimenting with a new wardrobe, until I finally settled into my own personal style. I love street style photography, and how the people in it look effortlessly chic, and fresh.

Music has also inspired my wardrobe in a way! I guess I like to dress how I feel on that particular day, which usually ends up being either black or white. My biggest fashion inspiration so far has been Rihanna from 2013 up to now.'

Daily Fashion Illustration Fatma al Bakry

'The name ‘Novemberus‘ was inspired from lyrics! (Mellowhype ft frank ocean) the lyrics went like “we fall out in the winter, September, October, novembering you.” I loved it immediately, I felt like November-you isn’t the name I wanted to go with. I wanted my work to represent the youth around me, everyone creative in the Middle East. I wanted us all to be one so I decided on ‘novemberUS’ because I didn’t want it to just be about me, I wanted to have some sort of a collaborative movement which Is why I’m always working with other creatives and I was born in November.

People actually don’t know my name, they call me November! It’s quite funny.’