Daily Fashion Illustration 181. Tuesday, May 13. 2014

Story submitted by Erik Mannby. -instagram @erikmannby, tumblr sowhatelseisnew
'I'm a menswear designer. It wasn't what I studied to be or what I ever expected to become, but chance, an intense interest in classic menswear and supportive friends and family has given me the opportunity to follow this dream. I'm wearing one of the suits me and my friend and business partner Lars designed.

Since I was a kid I've loved clothes, and the many ways in which you can project different images of your personality by variation in clothing and style. My journey towards my current state of dress took the route via 60's mod style. I loved the music, attitude and style of the mods. It opened my eyes to sharp dressing, i.e. coat and tie. I started rummaging through my fathers old clothes and found a treasure of tweed jackets.

This was something like 10 years ago or so. Since then I have acquired vast amounts of knowledge about classic menswear. I have also started a vintage web shop and a clothing brand with a friend. The great thing is you never stop learning new things about classic style. I come across pictures of my grandfather wearing something nice, or see pictures from
the latest Pitti Uomo, and get new ideas as to how you can combine garments and keep on developing. It's an ongoing journey.'

Daily Fashion Illustration 181, Erik Mannby