Now My Desire Is To Inspire People To Dress Better

Daily Fashion Illustration 173. Friday, May 2. 2014

Style submitted by Edison Gonzalon. -instagram @heisedison, twitter @edisonego
'I'm very simple with my style. I've noticed that sometimes you don't need to spend too much money to dress well. I also like to inspire people to dress better.

I'm from Ecuador and I always liked to dress well but my desire just vanished when I came to the United States. Then a friend from church  was always telling me that I should dress better, that I have the body to do it so I took his advice and then my desire and my style just grew little by little. Now I have my own style. I'm very simple as you can see & love when my outfits have that perfect fit.

So now my desire is to inspire people to dress better, because like my mom always says, "People will treat you as they see you." Shouldn't be like that but sadly that's how it is, so always dress well.'

Daily Fashion Illustration 173, Edison Gonzalon