‘Modeling Began One Day, Joking With My Mother…’

Story submitted by Dennis Azevedo Barros
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‘I’m a Model and Fashion Blogger from Rome, Italy. This image is from my partnership with the italian brand Franceschetti Shoes. I love it because the outfit is very elegant, thanks to the shirt and the tie, the shoes are perfect with the rest of the outfit. I was in Rome near a famous museum.

I started working as a Model 3 years ago, then last year I opened the blog to share the works that I did with my agency. After some months I tried to propose some outfits and there was a great response from my followers, so I followed this way and started to work with many brands that wanted visibility to their products.'

Daily Fashion Illustration Dennis Azevedo Barros

'Fashion is my passion, but I’m also a student of Management Engineering. Modeling began one day joking with my mother. She proposed for me to take some photos with a professional photographer and to try to be part of a Model agency. I accepted, posed for the photos and then I succeeded to be accepted by an agency of Rome.'