‘Recently I Studied Abroad In Ghana…’

Story submitted by Danny Dunson
instagram @legacybros

‘I have always appreciated great style, more than fashion and trends. My brother and I combine from art, fashion, and interiors to create a lifestyle brand that focuses on handmade home accessories and interior design called Legacy Brothers.

Recently I studied abroad in Ghana for four months researching art and architecture. My stay in West Africa has influenced me to mix traditional African prints with the classic sartorial menswear. I also found my visit to Ghana to connect me to a part of my own legacy. I come from Alina.

The way I represent myself not only promotes who I am but also represents all of the men of my family. I believe that the way one dresses represents the world that they are a part of. Dressing, or the art of dressing rather, transports one’s mind into their own world that is created by them and allows other people to be a part of that world just by viewing them.’

Daily Fashion Illustration Danny Dunson