We Often Reflect On Others And Not Only On Ourselves

Daily Fashion Illustration 143. Wednesday, March 19. 2014

Style submitted by C-arie Woodward. -instagram @dappersociety_
'I was raised with idea of always representing myself in a proper way. Realizing that we often reflect on others, and not only on ourselves. My love for clothing and fashion, coupled with that mentality helped me to develop my own personal style. A few words that we really don't hear anymore today are modesty, and humility. As well, it would seem as if they had no place in fashion because they are so closely associated with non expression.

However, in my personal style, I try and reflect as much of my personality. To find that perfect balance of color, texture, pattern, and individuality that expresses who I am, while still maintaining a sense modesty and humility is what is most important to me in my style.

"True Artistry is at the heart of self expression"- Dapper Society S.F.

Daily Fashion Illustration 143, C-arie Woodward