‘My Own Personal Style Evolved Into What It Is Today…’

Story submitted by Brandon Butler
instagram @headrick09

‘I am a native Texan, who never liked the stereotypical idea many have of Texans. You know the thoughts that all of us go around with hats and Cowboy boots accommodating our business suits, looking like JR from the sitcom “Dallas.” It was through this disdain that I feel like my own personal style evolved into what it is today. I always knew I wanted to have a professional job where I had to dress up everyday, but knew the hat and Cowboy boots look wasn’t for me.

I like to to view my own personal style as “preppy,” with the flare of a Southern Gentleman by thinking outside the box in my outfits, and pairing things together that many wouldn’t step out their comfort zone to do. It adds a certain “spice” to your life every now and again by doing this.'

Daily Fashion Illustration Brandon Butler

'I base a lot of my outfits and colors off how I feel that day, because to me your own style is a direct reflection of your emotions at that time. Red for when I’m feeling bold, green when I’m feeling cool or relaxed, or black when I’m having a bad day.

I work as a tax accountant, another field in which the stereotypes run wild. I’m pretty sure you all have heard of the typical boring, dull, number cruncher, with no sense of style outlook of accountants. With my own style I want to break the mold of this view and have people say, “Accountants can be cool, and dress nice too!”‘