'Brighton beach is the Russian empire of New York...'

Submitted by Anna Prager

'I'm a Russian Jewish girl from Brooklyn. I have a classy look about me yet down to earth and fun. I love shiny things, flowers, pastels, short dresses, big hair, and super high pumps. I'm the typical ruski from Brooklyn and I love every bit of it. Brighton beach is the Russian empire of New York and I'm the perfect fit.

Daily Fashion Illustration, Anna Prager

Russian women are fashion icons in general across the globe, but what makes my fashion what it is today is inspired by communist suppression back in the home land.

Most of the population did not have much money and a very small percentage were able to afford beautiful luxury pieces. Coming to this country, the Russian community has flourished in business and real estate and parents have made it possible for the new generation of Russian Americans to splurge.

Across the Brighton beach population in Brooklyn you will see furs and brands such as Versace, Gucci, McQueen and many more. It has become a fashion house and I can represent that in every way. I strive to own pieces and show case them. I am inspired by glitz and glam and celebrities like Kim kardashian, Victoria Beckmann and Rihanna.'