I Am Inspired By Everything I See In The World.

Daily Fashion Illustration 78. Thursday, December 12. 2013

Style submitted by Katherine Gundlach. -instagram user @katherinecg
'My style changes daily. I am inspired by everything I see in the world. As much as I love to draw from what I see, I always try to add my own odd little twist to whatever wear, whether that be through an unexpected pair of shoes, or the dragon necklace I wear almost daily.

I like adding my own twist because at the point I am at in my life, it's so easy to see people begin to just blend in with the crowd and slowly fade into the background. I see this and it makes me so desperately want to stick out and stand on my own. Your individual style is an extension of yourself. It's a way of sharing your quirks with the
world without having to explain yourself verbally.

I enjoy adding my own twists so that a can add those little quirks; so that I don't get
lost in the crowd. It helps me to stay true to myself.  As for the dragon necklace, it's just another one of those little quirks. No one expects it by looking at me, but I have a nerdy side. Skyrim is my favorite way to waste time, so naturally when I found this little
dragon, I had to find a way to incorporate it into my life. It's a simple way of showing a side of me that you otherwise may not see. 

I hope this project continues to grow because it is amazing to see the differences in peoples' similarities. We all have our own voices, looks, tastes, and styles, but even  though they're different, even though these things are all different and individualistic, they can also bring people together and create movements worldwide.'

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