He Sort of Became My Yoda

Daily Fashion Illustration 47. Tuesday, October 29. 2013

Submitted by Samuel Pyo. -instagram user @samuelpyo
 'When I first entered the corporate world 7 years ago, fresh out of university, I found myself suddenly scrambling for work clothes. Until this point, I hardly had a reason/opportunity to throw a suit on or even wear a pair of dress shoes. For the first little while, I survived by randomly throwing different articles of clothing together. It wasn't until I discovered the wonderful world of menswear blogs (while slacking at work, naturally) that I began to take interest and develop my own sense of style.

Of course, in the beginning (actually, even until this day), I simply just mimicked what appealed to me on these blogs. Slowly but surely, I was gaining a greater sense of what I liked what worked for me, as well as what I didn't like or what didn't work for me. Essentially, this is how I developed my own sense of style; experimenting, experimenting, experimenting! Many times I learned the hard way that a certain look wasn't for me, but the important part was, I learned!

Around 5 years back, I was randomly introduced to a manager at Harry Rosen (a high-end menswear retail establishment in Canada). He sort of became my Yoda. He taught me all the basic rules, how to style my suits, how to mix and match patterns, and eventually taught me to be very intentional with what I wore. I've always appreciated his help!

Well, 5-years later, here I am. I no longer dread the fact that I am required to wear a suit everyday to work, but relish that special moment in the morning when I stare at my closet and let my imagination run wild.'


daily fashion 47.jpg