Marcel is the star of New York menswear bloggers. Along with his other half, Lisa Dengler, Marcel runs the streets of menswear.

Week of Marcel Floruss

Q1. What first interested you in men's fashion?

Marcel. 'There’s several ways I’m answering this question in my head. I think in the very beginning I used fashion as a way to integrate myself, as a way to express myself and as a way to encourage myself. I had several social groups I was a part of, and I kind of adapted by means of clothing, while still “doing me” in the process. It definitely helped me gain confidence — I couldn’t change the way I looked, physically, but I could dress better.'

Marcel Floruss

Q2. How did that grow into you starting One Dapper Street?

Marcell. 'I moved to New York to study the business side of fashion at FIT after being a professional dancer for a few years. From there, it was a rather small step into creating something on my own, being surrounded by so many great people (my girlfriend being on the very forefront of that) that inspired me and a city with endless opportunities.'

Marcel Floruss of One Dapper Street

Q3. What is one great failure that you've had and what did you learn from it? Has it influenced the work you do today?

Marcel. 'You know, thinking back, virtually nothing comes to mind. Definitely not because I never screwed up, much more so because, in retrospect, I don’t think I consider “failures” actual failures. I learn from them, accept that they happen and move on. So either this is a psychological self-defense mechanism called repression, or I really just don’t have anything in my past that I still consider a failure.'

One Dapper Street fashion illustration

Q4. How much do you love coffee? You can demonstrate by holding your hands apart and saying 'this much.'

Marcel. *stretches his arms as far as they can go, possibly dislocating his shoulder*

Menswear Illustration of Marcel Floruss

Q5. You just graduated with a fashion degree and you run a fashion blog, what do you enjoy doing that's not related to fashion?

Marcel. 'Life. Everything about it. Dancing, playing the guitar or the piano, just listening to music, motorcycles, sports (extreme, indoors, outdoors, I don’t care I’ll do it all), traveling, cars, reading, meditating, cooking, eating, sleeping, my X-Box, … the list goes on.'

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