1. What first interested you in men's fashion?

Leo Chan- Ever since growing up in NYC I've always been interested in fashion - started with the sneaker culture and street style then learned about suiting and presenting yourself in the best possible way to gain an advantage and make an impression in a professional environment.

Leo Chan

2. How did that grow into you starting Levitate Style?

Leo Chan- I started with photography for a few years then did some modeling before Levitate Style. I was already taking photos of my outfits and travels around the world so I decided to put all my passion and interests together to make Levitate Style. Also there's a small presentation of Asian male in mainstream media such as the fashion industry.

Leo Chan illustration

3. How much do you love coffee?

Leo Chan- I don't drink coffee that often so whenever you see a post on IG I'm actually having one haha. I try my best to rely on the (little bit of) sleep I get. I appreciate coffee more as a form of art that people love and enjoy.

Levitate Style

4. Do you like snapchat?

Leo Chan- I love snapchat - its a great social platform for people like us to show others the behind the scenes from the daily life around the house, running errands, to fashion events and travels. Snapchat is a nice way to "let our guards" down and relax, a break from how Instagram is becoming more like a professional portfolio.

Levitate Style fashion illustration

7. What did you study in college?

Leo Chan- I actually studied Accounting in college and really proud of it because it was so hard for me haha! Something completely different from what I'm doing now with Levitate Style but I've always had interest in marketing and social media.

Leo Chan of Levitate Style

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