You wouldn't expect Watercolors and Watches to complement each other. It's that paradox that makes them such great partners. 

DuFa Watch, Albers Automatic animation

A finely crafted timepiece is a wonder of engineering. It's the precision of craftsmen and the dedication of mathematicians who manufacture a beating heart. Each piece must fit with exacting detail to it's counterpart for the machine to take a breath.

A Watercolor painting breathes life into the viewer by playing with the desire of her mind. Layers of color run with the flow of water, wild and free and without restraint. It's the patience of craftsmen and the persistence of artists that tame and interpret the wild heart of watercolors. 

The give and take, the precision and the expression must play off of each other to create a more perfect beauty. Painting a watch reconnects us with why the watch is a wonderful creation.


Introducing the DuFa Watches, Albers Automatic

Deutsche Uhrenfabrik (DuFa Watches) launched their first Automatic watch at Baselworld, 2016. The Albers Automatic pays homage to the great German designer Josef Albers, if only just in spirit, with a Miyota powered automatic movement.

It's a grand leap in the right direction for this brand that was born in the 1930's.