The Tumi Global Citizen

The  Bashford Leather Duffel - featured in the illustration above- is great for carrying on to a plane and for weekend road trips.

The Bashford Leather Duffel- featured in the illustration above- is great for carrying on to a plane and for weekend road trips.

Sunflowerman presents the Tumi, Bashford Leather Duffel.

I recently took a week long trip up the south and east coast of the U.S. From Fort Worth, TX to Wilmington, DE and all that I used for the week was a grey Bashford Leather Duffel and small canvas and polyester computer bag.

Ruth and I packed the Prius and drove from town to town.

Tumi Sketch

Tumi is a long standing, well respected supplier of travel products, mainly bags for all sorts of travel. They claim a brand that is perfect for the 'global citizen.'

I'm thinking trips to Hong Kong, Venice, London, Rio de Janeiro or in my own back yard there's New York, Austin, LA, Miami.

Tumi Sketch

The first sketches I did for the Tumi painting were on the plane back from Project Show in Vegas. I had some ideas about playing with the perspective, almost viewing the owner of the bag from the bag's-eye-view.

Then I played with direction. What if the bag owner was facing away, giving him less importance? Ultimately that didn't play well for me because the bag is in service of the person, the person is not there to simply display the bag.

Tumi Sketch

The final focus was on direction.

Tumi is about getting people from one place to another with the most class and comfort possible. I wanted to display that throughout the illustration.

A man in profile does not draw all attention to him, the movement from left to right takes most western readers down a journey they go on every day- the beginning to the end- and a single foot in the air with a slight lean forward suggests the man is traveling somewhere.

Tumi Sketch

Sketches completed in Moleskine and Fabriano journals with a Pentel GraphGear 500 and .5 HB lead.

Painting is on 140lb. hot press watercolor paper using a variety of watercolors, including Winsor & Newton.


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Tumi Drawing
Tumi Color Wash
Tumi Details
Tumi Close Up
Tumi Close Up