Tiger of Sweden Menswear illustration Sunflowerman

It's almost like wearable-tech. Tiger of Sweden takes the fashion industry's craze over technology and clothing and creates this symbolic gesture for their Fall/Winter 2015 line.

I first saw the suit at PROJECT in New York in January. I even got to try it on (see me in Tiger here).

The maze of pattern is exhausting to see in person. As much as it inspires 'aw' it demands attention. From one point to another it draws the eye in. Here, there and back again.

Watch the short time-lapse below and get a feel for the meandering in the design.

Illustrating this Tiger of Sweden beauty would demand the same aw and attention as the real suit. For some different reasons obviously. There is a craftsmanship that is obvious in the painting that feels much more industrial in the suit.

Imagine drawing one of the lines. Then imagine 2. Then 3. It's already exhausting.

Over several days I attacked the painting, laying in lines and meticulously caring for the circuit board pattern.

Tiger of Sweden Fashion Illustration process

To maintain the integrity of the pattern I stayed away from illustrating the curves and the folds on most of the body. Below, you can see where I suggested the folds under the left arm. They are nearly non-existent in the final painting.

Tiger of Sweden Menswear Illustration
Tiger of Sweden Menswear Drawing

Menswear Fashion Illustration for the Dapper Man.