There are those moments when the world just makes sense, when there are no more questions. It's the streams of light pouring from the clouds, the rainbow arching to hold up the sky.

It's the jeans that you know are perfect because you never want them to come off.

Jean Machine fashion painting

Recently I purchased my first Raw Denim jeans through They are made by Jean.Machine ( who, disappointingly is not very present on social media.

When I put them on I was worried. I was uncomfortable. The stiffness of the fabric was crushing my crotch and the size was constricting in every way.

Jean Machine Fashion Illustration

So I returned them.

Thankfully East Dane has an amazing return policy and system. About a week and a half later my account was credited with the money and I purchased the next size up. Jean.Machine, I couldn't give up on you that easily.

Jean Machine Jeans

This time the experience was completely different. It might have been perfect. Probably not perfect, but very nearly perfect.

I slid into the jeans and knew I was home.

Jean Machine Raw Denim

Inside the packaging were instructions for how to care for my new raw denim jeans. They were insightful, and a nice item to include but ultimately I knew all the questions I would have could be answered online.

The only thing to do with the care instructions was to paint on them. Raw Denim Jean.Machine jeans on the Jean.Machine packaging.


The instructional came folded up in a neat little envelope. I folded it up again and am going to send it back.

If you need a bit of jean joy in your life check out Jean.Machine

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