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'The Illustrator' is the ardent creator of beautiful things, the persistent developer of grand ideas, the idealist of quality production.

'The Illustrator' is my first real attempt at creating an editorial that pulls together photography and illustration in a single cohesive editorial. The women's industry has many attempts at mashing illustration and photography, which generally fail to send a consistent message across a story. The menswear industry traditionally lacks in such creativity. Now I'm presenting an approach of my own.

See 'The Illustrator' editorial here.

Like the cover of a graphic novel, this headliner illustration graces the beginning of 'The Illustrator.' Like an overture in a broadway production it tells the broader story of the editorial. Like a movie poster it advertises many of the high points of 'The Illustrator.' The headline reads

"The Illustrator"

Style in the Life of the Illustrator. A visual boutique gallery.

In an attempt to meet the modern world where it is the editorial has product promotions. Much like a fashion magazine in order to fund the production of the photography, the illustrations and production. Each is pulled out with the use of an illustration - see all of the product illustrations on the Daily Fashion Project.

'Visual boutique gallery' describes the shopability of the editorial. Blogging has become all about product recommendations and native advertising. The nature of earning a living is in the trust of the Consumer in the Creative.

I've had quite a bit of fun playing with animations for promoting 'The Illustrator.' Take the example below, a little animation of the camera bouncing to clear the blur and focus on the drawing. Look below that and see The Illustrator smoking his cigar.

The Illustrator

Go beyond the painting