Tawny Goods.

Tawny Goods contacted me about gifting one of their kickstarter funded products. I agreed that I would paint an illustration of the product whenever I could find the time, and although that may seem a tacit endorsement of the product it certainly is not.

Tawny Goods Black Boot fashion illustration by Sunflowerman

When the boots arrived I immediately fell in love with the aesthetic. I'm notoriously excited about simple aesthetics (ask my wife). This boot pushed my simplicity a bit with the wingtip and the brogue but maintained the simple aesthetic by way of being all black leather, with a slight contrast in brown laces and brown sole.

Tawny Goods drawing

I was in love, but then there was the real test of my affection- wearing the boots.

And I did, for days, and days, and nights and outings and innings and I was in love. A general issue I have with boots is the difficulty in actually wearing them. Fitting my heel and arch through the small opening at the top causes my body to tense and my stress levels to rise.

Not with Tawny Goods. Loosening the laces to slip my feet in is no issue at all. Like a perfectly tailored jacket, these shoes became like my feet. It was like they were made specifically for me.

Tawny Goods boot wash of watercolor
Tawny Goods boot illustration
Tawny Goods boot illustration

The Tawny Goods Wingtips Boots have a cool factor to them. It's a bit 'dangerous', a bit rebellious. Much like jeans in the 70's and cigarettes in the 60's, my imagination takes me on journeys with these boots. Fighting for my right to party.

Tawny Goods editorial illustration

Painting Tawny Goods on Periscope