Miguel Angel single monk strap vintage leather shoes.

Miguel Angel single monk strap vintage leather shoes.

This week we take a look into the Sunflowerman Shoe Collection. One pair for each day of the week.

Every day there are little miracles. Some days those miracles are a little larger than others. Several days before Christmas, 2014 My wife and I were perusing a Goodwill. Like manna from heaven I came across these shoes, they glimmered as I approached.

I don't have to tell you the joy of a perfect find, the extreme delight in meeting an old friend for the first time. The left shoe slid on, the right shoe too. We haven't been apart since.

These shoes were produced by a now defunct shoe store in Dallas, TX. Not particularly expense or sought after but still dear to my heart. Labeled 'Miguel Angel,' these were my first monk strap purchase ever. Tis bittersweet to know that these are one of few in the world and that I can not get them again.

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